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Episode 33 - Nicole Ramsey

September 30, 2018

Hey everyone! This week Sandra interviews Nicole Ramsey. Nicole is a first generation PhD Candidate in African Diaspora studies doing work on Belize/Belizeans in the Diaspora, and Black Central America(ns) and the Caribbean at UC Berkeley. She is also a Music enthusiast that uses popular culture and popular music as a form of diasporic education. In the episode Nicole explains to us the history of Garveyism in Central America, her academic journey, her upbringing in LA South Central's Little Belize, and the importance of Afro-Carribean women in her research. Thank you to Nicole for being a great guest!


Intro Song & Transition Song: Greener Pastures - Sro

Featured Song: Splinters - Shal Marshall

Nicole's Instagram: @hereisnicky

Nicole's Twitter: @Nicole_D_Rams

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